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    Welcome to the BCOBA
    A rapid progress along with the untiring efforts of the past pupil's of
    Bandaranayake College Gampaha.
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    2400+ Members & Growing ..
    It is an association created to support, nurture and
    direct the school community of Bandaranayake College
    And eventually in the entire island to face
    ever-evolving global climate.


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It was almost three years after our passing out from the school and a period which we were contributing to all school’s affairs, even if we had already passed out. Meanwhile, on a day during 1984 when I met Mr. Thilak Sudharman, we agreed to pay a visit to school according to my suggestion. As of our visit, we were seeking for Mr. Panangala from the tutorial staff who had taught us during our school days. However, we could not meet him, as he had gone on leave. This made us to walk towards the ‘Commerce Section’. When we were walking through the corridor, a smart gentleman appeared in a bit distant from our vision..read more


To be the voice, guidance, and strength of the old pupil's community of Bandaranayake College.

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Synergize the community strength in school and optimize for best opportunities arising locally and globally.

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2024 වාර්ෂික මහා සභා රැස්වීම සහ නිලවර්ණය

ආදි ශිෂ්‍ය සංගමයේ 2024 වාර්ෂික මහා සභා ර .. read more 3 Mar 05:25 PM

ආදි ශිෂ්‍ය අනුග්‍රහය යටතේ 2024 වසර සදහා 6 වසර සිසුන් ඇතුළත් කිරීම.

ආදි ශිෂ්‍ය අනුග්‍රහය යටතේ 2024 වසර සදහා 6 .. read more 11 Jan 07:11 PM

Requst for Quotations - School building renovation project

Under Principal Mr. Kasun Gunarathas leadership, The Bandaranayake College OBA is initiating a schoo .. read more 6 Dec 12:51 AM


We’re all so proud of your results, massive congratulations and well done! .. read more 2 Dec 12:14 AM

105 වැනි සංවත්සරය

අප විද්‍යාලයීය 105 වැනි සංවත්සරය යෙදෙන 2 .. read more 18 Sep 11:40 PM

Obituary Notice

Regret to inform the demise of former school teacher( 70s), Mrs. Ruupaa Amarasinghe , remains lie at .. read more 25 Aug 09:21 AM

NPG Nayakanz Professional Guide

We are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the Career Development Workshop held at Ba .. read more 15 Aug 10:58 AM

NPG 2023

ඉස්කෝලේන් අවුට් උනා දැන් මොකද කරන්න ඔ .. read more 28 Jul 10:49 PM

සියලුම වසර කණ්ඩායම් සහ ආදි කණ්ඩායම් නියෝජිත වරුනි

ඔබ සියලු දෙනා මේ වන විටත් දැනුවත්ව ඇති .. read more 19 Jul 01:41 AM


ශ්‍රී ලංකා ගුවන් හමුදාවේ 19 වන ගුවන් හම .. read more 29 Jun 01:14 AM

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15 Jun 2024


Dear members,

Were hosting Nayakenz Night 2k24 on June 15th, starting at 6:00 p.m. at Eagle .. read more

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